Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Florence Henderson: Getting crabs was 'karma'

I could have gone my whole life -- or at least this morning -- without hearing that "Mrs. Brady" got "critters". TMI

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger: B


Well, I'm slipping behind on my little movie review. Ma, Scott, and I saw decided to see Captain America: The First Avenger a few weekends ago during a hot weekend (well, hot for Portland). Maybe I'm just not a comic book fan, but nothing of this movie stood out to me as compelling or different from all of the other comic book movies. Worse, the movie once again reminisces about World War II.

I will say Capt. 'merica was well-paced with no lulls and it even managed to tone-down the mindless patriotic flag waving. There was even a nearly sensible explanation for Captain America's silly uniform. However, it overall, stuck to the Marvel comics movie formula.

When we gave the ticket taker our tickets, he told us to make sure we waited until after the credits to leave the theater. The after the-credits-shtick is getting old. Instead of appreciating the hundreds of names slowly scrolling by, I think, "wow, with all these people, no wonder it seems like corporate mediocrity". Anyways, a trailer for next year's The Avengers -- the Marvel ensemble movie which somewhat explains why all of these comic book movies had to come-out to explain the characters' origins.