Sunday, July 11, 2010

Predators: D


Ugh. Scott and Sheena dragged me kicking and screaming to Predators on Saturday. With so few movies worth seeing this summer, I didn't have a good counter-argument or a compromise movie to offer. Also, Scott insisted that I owed him for last weekend's documentary.

I'm really not a movie snob, but the reviews for this movie re-affirmed that this would be a pointless sequel. I vaguely remember not caring for the original 1987 Predator starring Schwarzenegger and this sequel seemed to have the same basic story. I really have no idea what the sequel's purpose was. The whole movie seemed very dated -- especially considering that first-shooter action games would be far more entertaining than a traditional movie. No fast-paced cinematography tricks or styling was used to update this 20-year-old sequel. Even the soundtrack, which Scott said was based on the original's themes, seemed dated and more like a bad TV movie. Worse, instead of just killing all of the annoying and unlikeable characters, the movie ended setting up for the unlikely sequel. (Geez, can you imagine creepy Gov. Schwarzenegger coming back?)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!


I think I've been watching too much History Channel, but I really wanted to decorate the house for Independence Day. We went to Elmers Flag and Banner. I admit that I was a bit weary about putting up a flag. Will neighbors assume the worse -- that we're gun-toting, right-wing, Republican? The awkward trip to Elmers didn't settle my weariness. It's probably just me, but I couldn't help but feel like we walked into some secret Tea Party/militia man's basement bunker. That said, I was happy to find the same flag kit my grandmother had.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Joan Rivers – A Piece Of Work: C

Wow. I can't recall when I last saw a movie in the theater (or when I blogged a review for that matter). Scott and I did see IMAX's Hubble 3D last weekend during our impromptu day trip to the Evergreen Air Museum. We have been watching more movies at home. I probably did miss blogging whatever the last movie I saw, but I haven't been going to the movies as much. There really hasn't been anything compelling us to go out (wow, that sounded middle-aged suburban).

Ma, Scott, Sheena and I saw Joan Rivers –A Piece Of Work at Cinema 21, which is another place I haven't been to in a long time (Good news! They finally accept plastic!). The previews for 9500 Liberty, Countdown to Zero, and Winnebago Man looked promising.

I mainly know Joan Rivers from the praise she regularly receives from Kathy Griffin, her 2009 Comedy Central roast, and her recent Fresh Air interview. Unfortunately, Fresh Air aired the most interesting moments and spoiled the documentary. But it was still interesting to actually see what was happening. That said, I probably would have never heard of the documentary if not for the radio program.

A Piece Of Work follows Rivers through a year and shows Rivers as being painfully self-conscious, professionally narcissistic about her brand/business/career, thankful for her successes, and very bitter about her losses. Rivers' non-stop work schedule at 75 is amazing and while she whines about the unfairness of the entertainment industry (and is a bit excessive at portraying herself as a victim), she seems to enjoy her craft.

Overall, an interesting documentary about a barrier-breaking woman, but not a ground breaking movie. It did drag on a bit toward the end. I hate to admit it, but some TV reality shows like My Life on the D List do a better job of making entertaining documentaries.