Monday, December 29, 2008

Doubt: A

Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman y Amy Adams, originally uploaded by MyCine.

Scott and I saw Doubt ( yesterday (bypassing the huge lines for Frost/Nixon). Streep and Hoffman were great. At times, Streep's performance seemed more like The Devil Wears A Habit; however, her overzealous, overly suspicious, and overly confident character was even sympathetic.

As a movie, Doubt isn't spectacular. Since the movie was based on a play, much of the movie's most compelling scenes were simple two-person exchanges. I can definitely see how this would have been a great play to see in person.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire: B

Slumdog Millionaire, originally uploaded by Cine Fanatico.

Scott and I saw Slumdog Millionaire ( on Saturday. I usually like Danny Boyle's movies. Even last year's sci-fi Sunshine has grown on me. Millions had a similar meaning-of-money themes as Slumdog, but was much more stylized and saccharine story.

Slumdog is a much darker movie with disturbing scenes. Like those annoying TV commercials pleading viewers to "sponsor" a third world child in poverty, it was frustrating and disturbing seeing the lowest of the low living conditions of the children in the movie. The movie touches on many themes such as Indian call center workers learning to sound Western, annoying 'merican tourists wanting to see the "real" India, religious violence, absent fathers, torcher, organized crime, etc. There are so many disturbing issues that I found myself clinging to the bright "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" storyline. One of the questions I was left pondering is: Does a million dollars really make-up for someone who has lived such a traumatic and harsh life?

The overall story was very predictable making the two-hour length about 30 minutes too long. There was a nice surprise (or joke) during the credits which lightens-up an otherwise depressing movie.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

it's (still) snowing

IMG_0645, originally uploaded by sweber4507.

After a couple of false over-dramatic bad weather forecasts this week, the second snow storm of the week has met expectations. The fine snow powder has fallen constantly all day turning to freezing snow.

After dragging Scott to Slumdog Millionaire, Scott dragged me across the river to take pictures.

1220081703.jpg 1220081704.jpg

Here's Scott's pics:

IMG_0649, originally uploaded by sweber4507.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Milk: A

Milk Movie Poster, originally uploaded by monikalel42.

Oops. I forgot to do my mini-review of Milk ( I dragged Scott (kicking and screaming) to this movie a couple of weekends ago. We were surprised that the Sunday afternoon matinee we went to sold-out. Fortunately, we arrived early enough to get good seats.

Milk followed a predictable biopic story format. However, it was still interesting seeing a portrayal of gay life and gay rights in 1970s America. Sean Penn performance was great and the movie did portray as a middle-age gay man with a messy personal life.

I had heard of Harvey Milk before, but I didn't realize how he came power. Milk didn't become a viable candidate until San Francisco changed from electing its city supervisors in city-wide races (like Portland continues to do) to local district races.

It's impossible to view Milk without also thinking about this year's disappointing California gay rights defeat. Thirty years later, the political and cultural debate continues.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I know I'm a wuss, but this weather is very cold. I know I wasn't the only one who thought the weather was too cold. I was surprised to see this seagull outside yesterday begging for bread scraps:


Nebraskans Scott and Lacy were not impressed with the weather conditions and insisted that we risk life and limb to drive across town to take pictures. Here is Scott's St. John Bridge picture:

St. Johns Snow Study #1, originally uploaded by sweber4507.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

poor soggy teddy bear

Scott found this poor teddy bear along the trail to Wahclella Falls.


Scott's sister, Lacy, is visiting from Nebraska for a long weekend. They are both photography-crazy:

downsized_1213081331.jpg downsized_1213081334.jpg
downsized_1213081337.jpg downsized_1213081348.jpg

Thursday, December 11, 2008

the end of an era . . .

Coffee People Mug

After at least five years and my co-worker's prodding, I've finally retired my worn-out Coffee People mug. I remember how shiny it was when it was new and how I justified buying it because metal would last so much longer. But after one too many dribbles, it's time to move on.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

misheard lyrics

For some reason, we heard Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter twice on the radio today which reminded me of this hilarious interpretation of lyrics. lists the actual lyrics:

On a porch a letter sat
Then you said i wanna leave it again
Once I saw her on a beach of weathered sand
And on the sand I wanna leave it again... yeah
On a weekend I wanna wish it all away yeah...
And they called and I said that I want what I said
And then I call out again
And the reason oughta leave her calm I know
I said i dont know whether
Im the boxer or the bag
Ah yeah ehh....
Can you see them
Out on the porch
But they dont wave
I see them round the front way yeah
And I know I dont want to stay...

Make me cry

Ooooh I see
I dont know theres something else
I wanna drum it all away
Oh I said I dont, I dont know whether Im a boxer or the bag
Ah yeah ehh....
Can you see them
Out on the porch
But they dont wave
I see them round the front way yeah
And I know I dont want to stay
I dont wanna stay (2x)
Dont wanna
Oh... yeah... oooh...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

shhhh, she's hiding

IMG_9798, originally uploaded by sweber4507.

The always weird Ms. Gordon "hides" behind the Christmas tree.