Sunday, November 27, 2005

Israel's "Who Knew?" ad campaign

On Saturday, I noticed the banner ads on My Yahoo page for Israel's "Who Knew" tourism campaign. The ads downplayed the idea that Israel was a controversial destination. I guess the "Iraq: Why Not Visit?" ads are not far behind. What was even more pathetic were the ads' blantant pandering to Evangelical Christians: I don't know how I would feel is someone gave me the "gift" of visiting a disputed and possibly dangerous region of the world. However, there are probably some Christian fundamentalists who believe Israel/Palestine lands have been promised to Israeli Jews. In fact, some Christians probably hope to just happen to be in the neighborhood when Jesus returns. Of course, I can't imagine too many Israeli Jews would really be that thrilled to see Jesus return.


Christine said...

Ha, Norm, I noted that one too in the yahoo group. What I loved though was the line: "Israel...No one belongs here more than you." (Oh, except maybe, I dunno, people who might have actually been born/lived there?)

It's amazing the sense of entitlement some people (Christians, especially, in my experience) seem to have.

Norm! said...

Hi Christine!

Maybe the ad should be:

"Israel...No one belongs here more than you*

*excluding Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs, gays, lesbians, peace activists, humanitarian monitors, and liberals who believe in social justice.