Wednesday, May 10, 2006

2006 May Primary: MultCo Chair

Ted Wheeler |

PROs Endorsements: Willamette Week Portland Mercury The Oregonian Portland Tribune former Portland Mayor Bud Clark former Portland Mayor Vera Katz PPS Board Member Dan Ryan Has Some Management Experience: "He's successfully managed companies that have far higher cash rolls than the county..."(2) Has County Human Services Vendor Experience: "... he's worked with nonprofits like the ones the county contracts with for human services." (2)

CONs No Government Experience:Leading the state's third largest government seems to be a big job for someone with no prior government experience. No Public Track Record: Would Wheeler be such an attractive alternative to the incumbant if he had a public record that could be analyzed?

Diane Linn |

PROs Endorsements: Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC Just Out former OR Governor Barbara Roberts OR Attorney General Hardy Myers OR Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner OR Senator Margaret Carter Portland Commissioner Randy Leonard former OR Supreme Court Justice Betty Roberts Terry Bean Junki Yoshida Thomas Lauderdale Rev. Glenna T. Shepherd Led Effort to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

CONs Has not been able to lead board Made controversial same-sex marriage decision in secret Has not been able to open $60M Wapato Jail(1) Promised High Salary to New Library Director Paid Employees for Snow Day Former Finance Director accuses her of asking him to misrepresent facts(1)

After reading the various newspaper endorsements, I'll probably vote for Wheeler and hope for the best. Admittedly, the County faced enourmous challenges during Linn's term and I understand difficult decisions had to be made. However, it seems job of County Chair could be done better and that it's time for a change. The fact that her fellow commissioners with similar social/political views are also supporting Wheeler tilt me in his favor.

BRO PAC's and Just Out's arguments that GLBT voters owe Linn our vote due to her courageous leadership in the same-sex marriage debate really bother me. Although civil rights are important, they are only one relatively small part of what the County does. More importantly, the County is responsible for caring for some of the most vulnerable members of society while also having to find ways to keep criminals off the street. I don't think GLBT voters should be reduced to single-issue voters.

I'm also disappointed and offended by BRO PAC's effort to undermine Wheeler's campaign by not "green lighting" him while specifically endorsing Linn. BRO PAC seems to be putting politics before doing what is in the best interest of GLBT citizens.

(1) (2)

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