Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oregon's dirty tourist secret: AutoBeach

AutoBeach Panorama AutoBeachTailgate AutoBeach Last Saturday, Sheena, Scott, and I were shocked to stumble upon something you'll never see in Oregon tourist brochures: beaches for cars. Like most of Oregon, we tried to escape the inland heat at the coast. However, Cannon Beach was packed, of course. So we headed north. We thought we were avoided the ugliness by skipping Seaside, but then we discovered Del Ray Beach and Sunset Beach. When we first arrived, we made the mistake of parking in the parking lot and walking to the beach. While walking, cars raced passed us and driving onto the beach! When got to the beach, it looked like a WalMart parking lot! As lifelong Oregon residents, Sheena and I were dumbfounded. We had no idea. It was the most disappointing thing we could imagine. We drove up to Ft Stevens park and had a great time at the Peter Iredale beach and tried to put the ugliness behind us.


Christine said...

Wow, I spent 8 years of my childhood in Oregon and we thought it was a novelty when we were at Daytona beach! I've never heard of such a thing in such a civilized (not to mention beach-boulder-laden) state such as Oregon! How...ugly.

Norm! said...

That's what was missing. The Daytona 500!