Friday, March 28, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: "fierce" has "expired"!!!

Our long national nightmare is over. This season's annoying catchphrase is soon to die (sorry, Scott):

(Transcript from Towleroad:)

CRAIG FERGUSON: You've been saying fierce a lot. I've got to talk to you about that.


FERGUSON: It's time.

SIRIANO: It's kind of time. It's going. My new one is 'expired'. And, I mean (looks at Ferguson's suit) sometimes the pinstripes just a little expired.

I love the first catty remark on Towleroad:

Queens have been using the word "fierce" since before this kid was born, so it's hardly his trademark. But he's right. It is over. "Fierce" went out in the 80's.
Posted by: JJ | Mar 28, 2008 8:33:18 AM

Here is the long clip (which I haven't bothered to watch yet):

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