Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Sunshine": C - meh

Sunshine image

Yet, another mediocre summer movie. I don't think I'm depressed or too judgemental about movies, but I have yet to see a really outstanding movie this year. Maybe I should drag Scott to more "art house" movies . . . er, "films", but Scott won't let me live down Capote.

Scott, Sheena, and I really wanted to like Sunshine (IMDB.com) this weekend. Sheena and I really like Danny Boyle's Millions and we all love 28 Days Later. So, we had high expectations for Sunshine.

Like many sci-fi movies, Sunshine loses its pacing by spending too much time explaining its sci-fi premise and setting the scene. The famous Star Wars opening scroll makes so much sense now. And yet, even with the introduction, very little useful information was provided about who these people are and why I should care. Half-way through, I lost track of the many disposable characters. Apparently, there was a love story mixed in somewhere. Unfortunately, the movie unexpected turned into a surreal suspense-thriller toward the end.

Overall, the movie has an interesting premise and is not terrible, but just not quite together. It needed an original story to match it's stylized setting.

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