Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Primary: MultCo Chair

May 18, 2010, Oregon Primary Election
Chair of the Board of Multnomah County Commissioners
Four-year term, $136k salary

[_] Wes Soderback
  • So? "...His family has lived here for more than 100 years..." ElectWes2010.com
  • Uh-oh: Did not respond to League of Women Voters timely. --LWV
  • Yikes: "...Resent tax increases will help but, as the recovery money dries up we could be in for another budgit crisis. ..." (sic) MultCo Voters' Guide
[X] Jeff Cogen
  • Interesting: "In Multnomah County poverty has been moving east for at least a decade. We need to insure services follow the people who need them..." (LWV PDF)
  • Annoying: Only "Possibly" supports sheriff charter reform proposal. (LWV PDF)
  • Good, but not that relevant: Supports marriage equality (JeffCogen.com) Great gesture, but not the top priority for the county.
[_] Mike Darger
  • Uh-oh: Did not respond to League of Women Voters timely. LWVPDX.org
  • Ugh: "...claims to have been affiliated with the national conservative group Americans for Prosperity..." WWeek.com

No reason not to support the incumbent Jeff Cogen -- although I wish his campaign had a few more details. The other two candidates seem a bit fringe.

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