Sunday, July 11, 2010

Predators: D


Ugh. Scott and Sheena dragged me kicking and screaming to Predators on Saturday. With so few movies worth seeing this summer, I didn't have a good counter-argument or a compromise movie to offer. Also, Scott insisted that I owed him for last weekend's documentary.

I'm really not a movie snob, but the reviews for this movie re-affirmed that this would be a pointless sequel. I vaguely remember not caring for the original 1987 Predator starring Schwarzenegger and this sequel seemed to have the same basic story. I really have no idea what the sequel's purpose was. The whole movie seemed very dated -- especially considering that first-shooter action games would be far more entertaining than a traditional movie. No fast-paced cinematography tricks or styling was used to update this 20-year-old sequel. Even the soundtrack, which Scott said was based on the original's themes, seemed dated and more like a bad TV movie. Worse, instead of just killing all of the annoying and unlikeable characters, the movie ended setting up for the unlikely sequel. (Geez, can you imagine creepy Gov. Schwarzenegger coming back?)