Monday, August 16, 2010

Inception: B

Inception Chibis, originally uploaded by nicoleleepeterson.

To beat the heat, Scott, Ma, and I went out to a movie on Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure how theaters are staying in business as there have been very few movies this year that I wanted to see. The Regal theater we went to had only the manager working concessions and the multiplex seemed vacant -- on a weekend.

Anyways, we settled for Inception. My main reluctance to seeing Inception were the comparisons I heard of it with The Matrix. Fortunately, Inception doesn't take itself as seriously as Matrix, but it is as convoluted with endless revelations regarding the shared dream sci-fi tech premise.

Ellen Page's college student character is supposed to be the audience's newbie stand-in walking through the technology with wonder, awe, and questions. Although it's a bit surprising a college student in the field doesn't know the intricacies of the technology. What kind of irked me was that she basically plays the same character in her Cisco ads in which she again wanders into the technology with wonder, awe, and questions:

Overall, it was an entertaining movie. Yes, I will make my standard complaint that the movie was too long. It's probably an unfair standard to hold against filmmakers, but my knees have a limited time in theater seats, so a movie had better be compelling to keep my interest past 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the dream within a dream within a dream premise and psycho-babble foreshadowing made for a predictable ending that merely had to play through.

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