Thursday, December 30, 2010

The King's Speech: B

THE KING'S SPEECH poster - Polish style, originally uploaded by Sam's Myth.

Scott (in protest), Sheena, Ma, and I saw The King's Speech last weekend after Christmas Day. This movie had all the typical attractions -- British accents, royalty, period setting, WWII, all-star cast -- for the white-haired art house film crowd (although, Judi Dench was somehow not cast). I've become a bit of an Anglophile after watching so much BBC America, so I'm probably rating this movie better than it deserves. It wasn't a ground-breaking movie, but it was enjoyable and the performances were good. The nearly sold-out showing we went even applauded the movie.

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Anonymous said...

u 4got 2 mention that old nazi whore Wallis, it had 1 of her 2