Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens: C

Cowboys & Aliens, originally uploaded by Daniel Norris.

Scott and I saw Cowboys & Aliens a few weeks ago. It was a good summer movie. It was well-paced and it was nice seeing Harrison Ford back in an action movie. The story was relatively straight forward. However, over the weeks, my impression of the movie has dimmed at bit.

I wanted to like this movie because it was one of the few original, non-sequel movies. Although it is based on a comic book like this summer's other movies (Green Latern, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, etc.), Cowboys & Aliens was a relatively unknown comic novel. The notion of mixing action genres sounds attractive. However, the movie's story seemed a bit too simple with too many cowboy and alien movie cliches tossed in.

Daniel Craig stars as the mysterious cowboy with an unknown past; however at times he seems more like super agent 007. Harrison Ford's old, crotchety cattleman reminded me of True Grit's Rooster Cogburn -- especially when it unsurprisingly revealed that he has a kind soul under the harsh exterior. More annoyingly, Cowboys & Aliens throws in sci-fi cliches such as an Alien-esque alien with mini-mouth for no apparent reason.

Overall, a good summer action movie, but probably not one that will be remembered as ground-breaking or original. I hope this movie is not considered for sequel -- unless they plan on mixing other genres: Cowboys & Pirates, Vampires & Aliens, Gladiators & French Aristocrats, etc.

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