Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games: C

The Hunger Games, Capitol Colours, Effie Trinket

I reluctantly saw The Hunger Games on Saturday with Scott. Although I like sci-fi and post-apocalyptic visions, children murdering children just isn't something I'm interested in seeing. The movie's quick cuts avoided dwelling on scenes that could have been overly graphic and gory, but it was still just too disturbing for me. The nihilistic vision that human society is so defeated as to willingly submit to inhumane rule was just too far a leap for me. Maybe I'm too naive, but I have a little more hope in humanity.

The production was visually stunning though. The costumes and hair were over-the-top ridiculous -- which I like. The movie's pace was good -- although 30 minutes could have been trimmed. The ending and the foreshadowing that this was merely the first in a film franchise were predictable. Overall, an okay movie based on a flawed story.

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