Monday, June 25, 2012

Brave: C


Scott and I saw Brave yesterday. Scott convinced me to go because it was a Pixar movie and not merely a Disney princess movie (although technically it is). I forgot that I actually like Pixar (The Incredibles, WALL-E, Up, Finding Nemo, etc.).

The 3D CGI movie was visually beautiful and stylized. However, it didn't feel like an adult Pixar movie to me. It seemed too cartoonish. The castle in an enchanted forest setting just seemed too Disney cliche. Worse, the story took an unexpected turn becoming a sentimental mother-daughter movie with slap-stick animals thrown in.

A "C" rating is probably too harsh, but in terms of Pixar films, Brave just didn't wow me like their other films. It certainly isn't a bad film and I don't regret seeing it. However, it seemed a bit Disney average to me. And while it was beautifully done, the preceding animated short, La Luna, is more memorable to me.

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