Tuesday, August 16, 2005

40 Year-Old Virgins?

Y! group exexgayministry message #3799: There has been an interesting discussion over at exgaymensministry about the new comedy The 40 Year-Old Virgin(1) (starring Steve Carell of The Daily Show). Several exgay members appear to relate to the movie's title because they are 40+ year-old men who have not had heterosexual sex. What's interesting is that some exgay members still consider themselves virgin because they have not had heterosexual sex. The original poster states:
"...I have had bisexual attractions but have never had sex with a woman. I have acted out homosexually as that has been eaiser for me." (2)
Under exgaymensministry's virgin definition, I suppose that would mean I'm a virgin too. There seems to be a gray area in the virgin definition. Technically, a virgin is a "person who has not experienced sexual intercourse"(3). However, according to the Yahoo! dictionary, 'sexual intercourse' does not necessarily mean heterosexual sex. Rather, sexual intercourse mean "sexual union between humans involving genital contact..."(4). So, it would seem homosexual sexual intercourse could be included as a way of breaking one's virginity. However, if one's virgin status is so important, who am I to argue. Afterall, I don't think any compassionate person would argue rape victims should not retain virgin status. All that being said, I think it's silly for gay men who have been sexually active (or exgay men) to argue that they're virgins because they have not had hetero-sex. From the previews, I assume the point of the comedy is that the 40 year-old virgin is not virgin by choice, but because he is socially inept. In contrast, gay men (and exgay men) are hetero-virgin by choice of preferring not to have a sexual relationship (or marriage) with a woman. or "poontang" as Mr. Garrison would say Norm!

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