Sunday, August 21, 2005

Six Feet Under final episode (spoilers)

I just watched the final episode of Six Feet Under. It was a little underwhelming, but series finales rarely live-up to expectations. My main complaint was the Claire/Ruth crying scenes seemed overplayed -- although, they did establish that the characters are certainly different than when the show began. I liked how the episode jumped forward a few weeks after each white-out. (big spoiler) I also liked how the last ten minutes showed how all the characters die in the future. It seems Alan Ball recognized viewers' need to know what eventually happened to the characters while killing any need for a series revival. David & Keith live happily ever after David & Keith continue the Fisher & Sons legacy. They have a formal wedding -- maybe gay marriage is eventually legalized (BTW, the closeted gay pastor conducts the wedding.) The oldest adopted child is hinted at taking an interest in the family business. Keith starts his own armored truck business of some sort, so it is assumed that he doesn't take an active role in Fisher & Sons. During Keith's death scene, he is seen emptying his armored truck himself, so I assume the business is small operation. David dies at a family picnic while remembering Keith. Their middle- and old-age make-up jobs looked really silly. I can't imagine how two trendy gay men would let themselves age into fat father stereotypes. I admit it's a gay stereotype, but I can't imagine Keith letting David have a comb-over. Maybe the fat father images demonstrate that David & Keith settled into a comfortable family life and let go of the metrosexual image. Ruth lets go of caregiving and joins the girls in running a dog-sitting business Ruth becomes a bohemian like her sister and lets go of caring for others. George remains in her life as a companion, but not a husband. Rico & Vanessa live happily everafter Keith buys Rico's share of Fisher & Diaz and it is assumed that Rico and Vanessa start their own competing funeral home. Unfortunately, the episode really skipped Rico and Vanessa's futures. I suppose Diaz and Fishers permanently seperate and have little to do with each other. Rico is just seen collapsing on a cruise ship deck with Vanessa probably during their retirement. Brenda moves on, dies accompanied by Billy Brenda is seen at Keith & David's wedding with an attractive man, so it is assumed she re-marries. However, her daughters or husband do not appear to be at her bedside. Rather, she dies in Billy's presence. Through it all, she ends up stuck with Billy again. Claires lives to be 101 years old and dies alone with her memories. Claire returns to the Republican at David & Keith's wedding (which seems really far-fetched) She is seen dying alone in room of her pictures of her family with clouded eyes. Of course, if she is 101 year-old, she may have outlived any children and spouse(s). The tricky thing about the end future deaths is that they are all seen while Claire is driving so they could be her own fantasies about the future. Overall, it wasn't the best episode, but it did what needed to be done to end the series. There are many characters that did not comeback this season that I think were missed. Notably the futures of Arthur and Gabe were left mysteries.

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