Thursday, June 8, 2006

Rose Festival Fleet Arrival

060806_RoseFestivalFleet.jpg, originally uploaded by nojam75.

This evening while Scott and I gave my co-worker a ride home, we were delayed by the Rose Festival Fleet's arrival. Due to the additional security and unusually large ship, the bridge lift took more time than usual.

It was kind of an awkward pause. Car, bus, and bicycle commuters all halted to watch a military ship pass lined with sailors in dress white uniforms. One person on the bridge waved enthusiastically, but most of us just watched and waited.

Living in a 'Peace state' with no major military bases and in a famously militant 'Blue city', the military's presence seems somewhat awkward and a novelty. I suppose the Rose Festival naval fleet's presence contradicts much of the City's idealism. Outside of our pretty city, urban renewal plans, environmental goals, schools funding crisis, and Red vs. Blue talk, there is the harsh reality of violence.

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