Sunday, June 18, 2006

2006 Portland Gay Pride Parade

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Retired Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer rides on the Wells Fargo Stage Coach as the Grand Marshal for the 2006 Portland Pride Parade.

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While Scott, Kevin & Kevin, and I waited for the parade to begin, an anti-gay fundamentalist protester (in the red shirt) argued with parade announcers Derek & Romaine from SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Although I couldn't hear everything the protester argued, it sounded like the typical anti-gay rant (abomination, vain lifestyle, unhappy).

Although it would seem like not engaging the protester would have been a safe tactic, Derek & Romaine did argue with the protester and their exchange was very entertaining. Although a couple of people unsuccessfully attempted to calmly engage with the protester, he eventually moved off the street before the parade arrived. The protester returned once during the parade. I'm not sure what happened, but a couple of police officers seemed to pursue him.

Interestingly, the protester mentioned something about lesbian suicide which could have referred to a study publicized by Focus on the Family last week. The study determined that lesbian and bisexual Canadian, female teens had significantly higher attempted suicide rates than the straight teen women in the study. However, according to, the study's principal investigator said the population survey study cannot be used to determine cause and effect.

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