Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Alaska trip

Palmer, AK
me on Matanuska Glacier
Sled dog puppies at the Itidarod Headquarters
Ma on Matanuska Glacier

Mom and I just got back from our long weekend trip to Palmer, Alaska. We visited my grandma, aunt, and cousin and did some sightseeing. Although the weather report forcasted rain, it was sunny and relatively warm (50-60s F) during our visit. The Itidarond Headquarters in nearby Wasilla had a team of sled dogs set-up to pull tourists. Yesterday, we hiked up to the Matanuska Glacier (after paying an access fee and signing a disclaimer in the event we fell into a fissure). It was my first glacier. It looked and sounded like walking on top of a giant Slushee. Even more disturbing is when I heard the dripping suddenly increase when the sun came out.

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