Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kathy Griffin!!!

Scott, Sheena, and I saw Kathy Griffin in Seattle last night! The show was sold-out and even though I thought I bought the tickets early, our (cheap) seats were in the very last row at the very top of the balcony. Here's the view from our seats:


Here's what we would have saw had I splurged on better tickets:

2-time Schmemmy winner, originally uploaded by stacy73.

Kathy's stand-up act was terrific. Her hilarious insider gossip included a wide-range of topics: Sarah Palin, her mother's box of wine habit, Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace, Bette Midler, Donald Trump, Rosie O'Donnell, Cher, the Shemmys, the Emmys, Don Rickles, and ended with a blue quote of Betty White. She also mentioned that her manager, Tom, had some unexplained phobia about Portland which may explain why Kathy hasn't come to Portland recently.

Before the show, we wasted time at the Volunteer Park Conservatory and Lake View Cemetery.


Among the many interesting headstones, Sheena and I discovered Bruce and Brandon Lee's headstones. Apparently, their headstones are the main tourist attraction to the cemetery as noticed many people paying their respects.

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