Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 Primary: OR Judiciary

May 18, 2010, Oregon Primary Election

Oregon Judge of the Supreme Court
Position 5
Six-year term, $122k salary
[X] Jack L Landau
  • Great!: "...Landau has ruled on just about every issue that matters in this state... he’s not afraid to call bullshit on his fellow judges. He’s been critical of the current Supreme Court for ruling on original intent—the idea we should interpret the state constitution based on what we believe the framers were thinking when they wrote it 150 years ago (nothing like those “storied times” when blacks were excluded from residency). And he chastised the court for its slow pace in turning around cases...."
  • Wow: "Jack L. Landau will go down in Oregon constitutional history as a Court of Appeals judge who pushed the state closer to equal rights for gays and lesbians..."

    " Tanner v. OHSU, he wrote the opinion for the court, which found that employers cannot discriminate against gay and lesbian couples when providing health benefits. This 1998 ruling was revolutionary at the time and it electrified the left..."
[_] Allan J Arlow
  • Top 3 things I want to do if I win.
    • Good: "Make justice easier and more understandable for everyone"
    • Good: "Help people believe that courts will listen to them respectfully"
    • Good: "Write decisions that are clear and easily understood"
  • Interesting: "Any flat fee for government services disproportionately impacts lower income Oregonians. Court and filing fees are set by the legislature and not the courts. ...judges can give exemptions in some cases. ...Under the ethics rules, I cannot express an opinion on any matter which might come before me, including this question"
  • "...The Judges need to have a thorough understanding of many of society’s complexities and simultaneously give deference to the language and intentions of the authors of the Oregon Constitution and of elected representatives"
Oregon Judge of the Supreme Court
[X] Rives Kistler
  • Good: "...courts have the power to waive those fees when people lack the funds to pay them. The courts should waive or defer fees when appropriate."
Oregon Judge of the Court of Appeals
Position 3
[X] Darleen Ortega
Oregon Judge of the Court of Appeals
Position 7
[X] Robert Wollheim
Oregon Judge of the Circuit Court
4th District (Multnomah County), Position 15
[X] Alicia A Fuchs
Oregon Judge of the Circuit Court
4th District (Multnomah County), Position 20
[X] Eric J Bloch
Oregon Judge of the Circuit Court
4th District (Multnomah County), Position 25
[X] Kathleen M Dailey

--MultCo Elections PDF, Oregon Blue Book

The judicial elections seem one of the most bizarre and dull aspects of the ballot. The candidates don't really campaign and can't appear to be political. Ultimately, it comes down to credentials.

The one contested race, the open supreme court position, is somewhat interesting. Initially, I was leaning toward Arlow as I liked some of his answers to the League of Women Voters, but I think I'll go with Landau. Yep, I have to admit it is because of 1998 gay rights ruling. I remember that ruling and appreciate his reasoning.

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