Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010 Primary: Portland Commissioner 2

May 18, 2010, Oregon Primary Election
City of Portland Commissioner Position No. 2
Four-year term, $102k salary LWVPDX.org (PDF)

[_] Jason Barbour
  • Yikes: No statement in official voters' guide. MultCo.us
  • Ugh: Homemade campaign website, www.electjasonbarbour.com, a bit glitchy.
  • Um, okay?: "...I'm running because I can..." ElectJasonBarbour.com
  • Not quite: I'm still calling 911.: "We’ve had numerous recent high-profile incidents that reduced citizen confidence and trust close to zero..." LWVPDX.org (PDF)
  • Ugh: "...Jason Barbour did not attend our scheduled interview and gives no indication of mounting a serious run..." WWeek.com In a bizarre rant, Barbour disputes interview was scheduled. ElectJasonBarbour.com
[_] Walt Nichols
  • Interesting: (too) pragmatic solution regarding homelessness: "We need to add more shelter space, We should look at adding to dignity village...we should change the law for folks that have RV and motor homes parked as per the law at home...." LWVPDX.org (PDF)
  • Meh: "...Nichols has a track record of community involvement in his Southeast Portland neighborhood, but suffers from a first-time candidate’s inability to point us to specific differences with the incumbent..." WWeek.com
  • Good, but naive: "...Nichols...says he doesn’t plan to seek public financing because he considers it a drain on public coffers..." WWeek.com
[_] (TOY) Timothy O Youker
  • Yikes: No statement in official voters' guide. MultCo.us
  • Yikes: Did not respond timely to the League of Women Voters. LWVPDX.org (PDF)
  • Ouch: "a professional clown who says he was once arrested for not paying child support" WWeek.com
[X] Nick Fish
  • Meh: Campaign website lists bio and endorsements, but no actual plans for what he intends to do. NickFishForPortland.com
  • Good: Seemingly knowledgeable answer about the controversial police bureau: "Reexamine ... the use of lethal and non-lethal tools. More focus on scenario based training and real world skills to deescalate situations. Union contract should include: drug testing...better ability for discipline that is imposed to be upheld by arbitrations. I support current proposed changes to IPR system and believe they can be strengthened by more inclusion of citizens on the review panels." LWVPDX.org (PDF) Huh, Portland cops are not drug tested????
  • Good answer regarding our homeless problem: "Currently enforcement is focused when camps block pathways or when health and safety issues are presented. I support this level of enforcement ... too many of our homeless are either mentally ill or former/current foster children. I support innovative programs which find foster kids permanent loving homes and families." LWVPDX.org (PDF)
  • Good: "Fish’s rookie term has been, in sum, a good one. He’s consolidated aspects of the city’s work on housing, maximizing efficiency when demand is up and tax revenues are down. ...he showed some steel in his willingness to be in the minority on controversial votes, helping to protect taxpayer money by improving the deal to redevelop PGE Park for Major League Soccer..." WWeek.com
  • Meh: "...Fish...is still a fledgling commissioner and has yet to chart a bold trajectory. But he has been a calm, analytical influence in countering the volatility at City Hall. At the very least, he rates an 'incomplete' and a chance to make his mark on housing and homelessness..." OregonLive.com

I voted for Nick Fish two years ago. I'm disappointed Fish hasn't been more outspoken regarding regarding some of the bigger issues such as the mayor's scandal, the Vancouver SUV bridge, but I can understand that he is playing it safe.

As for Fish's challengers, they are hard to take seriously. I'm support 'average' citizens stepping-up and throwing their hat in the ring, but it would be nice if these guys took themselves seriously. Nichols seems the one challenger with a bit of credible experience, but his campaign website lacks even a reason why he is running. Why waste voters' time if you're not going to at least campaign and differentiate yourself from the incumbent?


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