Monday, March 13, 2006

BSG Season 2 Finale: The Deadwood Crossover [spoiler]

The 90-minute, Battlestar Galactica season two finale, Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2, was terrific! The one-year leap was surreal -- in fact, I thought it was going to be a dream sequence. Of course, this isn't Star Trek and Ron Moore doesn't rely on cheesy gimmicks. That's what great about the BSG storyline. The show is not set-up for re-run syndication. Rather, it seems more like a one-shot, HBO-type of series in which anything can happen. At first glance, I was a little put-off that a space drama appeared to turn into Deadwood. Even President Baltar's office became a brothel. But it makes sense. If humans are to colonize another world, then the first settlements are going to reflect frontier towns and there will be a little lawlessness. Season three has not even started production yet and will not premiere until October. So fans are going to have to wait to resolve certain questions:
  • Is Boomer still in the Galactica brig? Probably. Afterall, any suspected Cylon would risk disclosing their location. At least, Helo appears to remain on Galactica.
  • Are Apollo and Dualla married? Starbuck married what-his-face and Tyrol married Kylee(sp?). Since the father and son are commanding the fleet, it doesn't appear anyone is really worried about the appearance of nepotism.
  • Did Adama and Roslin find romance? Okay, maybe BSG is becoming too soap opera to hook-up all the lead characters.
  • Will the Cylons discover Boomer's baby? The Cylons seemed to be able to recognize each other. Will a nasty custody dispute result?
  • Where is Tom Zarek? He was not at President Baltar side during the surrender and did not appear in the New Caprica sequences. He probably had a fallout with Baltar since it appear Baltar was having a dispute with the workers. Or, he was behind the dispute with the workers since his communist, no money, no class system may have worn the workers thin.
Actually, the finale tied-up a lot of lingering plot points. So, it isn't a cruel cliffhanger. Rather it just let fans look forward to next season's developments.

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