Thursday, March 9, 2006

update: struggling 'ex-gay' confronted by supervisor

Apparently I was not alone in my concerns in January about an exgaymensministry member's attractions to a younger, attractive, student-teacher co-worker. Yesterday, "Tone" posted that two co-workers complained to the school's headmistress (he is in the UK) regarding his relationship:
...two teachers complained about my spending somuch time with our 21yo student teacher who has been on six out ofhis seven weeks teaching practice in my school. He's in the classroom next to mine. We discovered that we were both Christians, and have become prayer partners, gym buddies and mates, with a common interest in travelling, sci-fi and Superman. We spend up to two hours each evening talking about school, setting updisplays, church, faith, interests, hobbies and people, and then pray.This morning, my headmistress felt she needed to have a word with me. My professionalism was questioned. But...
He then listed eight defenses for his relationship and why the accusations are unfair. Either this guy is really an unfortunate victim or there is something going on that even he is unwilling to admit or be aware of. Afterall, it's not unusual for ex-gays to have internal conflict struggles while they attempt to repress their attractions. Hence, the high-profile, professional ex-gays like John Paulk and Michael Johnston who have risked their ex-gay careers for gay flings. Am I obsessing about "ex-gays" falling?

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