Saturday, October 7, 2006

end of the music store business?

Tower Records Sign
Scott at Tower Records

I accompanied Scott to Portland's Tower Records store during its going-out-of-business sale. The store seemed a little busier than usual, but the liquidation sale only offered a 10% discount so the store wasn't packed. Although Scott was a little excited about the potential bargains, the visit was bittersweet since he was saying goodbye to one of his favorite record shops. Before he discovered Classical Millenium, Tower was one of his favorite stores for classical music.

I'm not a big music consumer, in fact, I was more sorry when Tower closed its neighboring bookstore years ago, but I was also a little sad to see the store getting ready to close. I do remember Tower's original Portland store at the cheezy Eastport Plaza mall in the 1980s. I believe it was the first store I saw a compact disc.

Somewhat ironically, right after we left the store we went next door to buy something that is contributing to Tower's closure: an iPod. It was Sheena's birthday gift. Although Scott hates to hear me say it, I think this is the end of the music store business in general.

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