Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Queen: Grade A

Scott, Sheena, and I joined the gray and gay and watched a non-documentary movie, The Queen, on Saturday. I really enjoyed the movie. I was going to write one of my self-indulgent movie reviews, but I realize that I can't recall anything particularly bothersome about the movie or revolutionary. Helen Mirren is outstanding as Queen Elizabeth II and I liked Michael Sheen's young, optimistic, Clintonesque, pre-war Tony Blair.

As an 'merican outsider, I have no idea how accurate the film's portrayal of the Princess Diana funeral events were. My memory of that week is from 'merican cable news coverage. On the day of her death I remember the new MSNBC cutting into regular broadcasting to say that Princess Diana had been in a serious automobile accident. There was speculation as to how serious the accident was, but the network returned to regular broadcasting after it was reported that Diana had been seen walking. Shortly thereafter, maybe 15 minutes, the network broke-in again to announce her death. (I also remember the embarrassment that CBS News failed to report the breaking news. Oops.)

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