Thursday, November 30, 2006

back to the gym

Just for the record: I've returned to the gym. I've never been a fitness fanatic or considered myself athletic, but the guilt and embarrassment was really weighing me down (figuratively and literally).

I stopped going for all of the typical reasons (lazy, unmotivated, work, relationship, etc.). The reality is that I didn't make the gym a priority. Anyways, a few weeks ago a co-worker admitted that he was in the same boat. He stopped going when his gym partner had to stop going. So, last week I bit the bullet and offered to go to be his gym partner.

So far, we've gone Monday and Tuesday night. Fortunately, the good people at 24 Hour Fitness were kind enough to continue debiting my checking account for the many, many months I avoided the gym so I didn't have to worry about re-joining. What's more embarrassing to admit is that I actually forgot where the gym was and took the wrong street (yes, it's been that long).

Anyways, I'm really sore today, but I feel good that I'm getting back into the routine. We may go Friday, otherwise, I promise to go this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Well...I guess now I'm just another gym-widow...sigh.