Wednesday, November 8, 2006

We've got political capital and we're going to use it.

After the Republicans won the presidency, House, and Senate earlier this decade, I tried to console myself with the assurance that the electorate always swings back to the uneasy Red/Blue balance. After all, the Republicans are very likely to over-reach. Well, it took longer than I liked, but voters finally decided to reign-in the Republicans and are going back to two-party control of the government.

I've had been looking forward to watching the election returns come in; however, instead, I accompanied Scott to Portland Opera's Faust. It was a great production! The opera was a nice distraction to watching the often misleading initial returns come in. It was very exciting to come out of the opera and hear the news that the US House has been won back.

Locally, I was pleased with most of the state and local election results. It appears the OR House has been won back to the Dems -- creating one-party rule of the state government.

The election I'm watching closely is OR State Representative for the 49th District (East Multnomah County). The incumbent, Conservative Christianist Republican Karen Minnis, used her position as House Speaker to single-handedly block a civil unions bill that had bi-partisan support and the votes to pass. Her challenger, former public radio reporter, Democrat Rob Brading, narrowly lost the 2004 election. Overnight, Brading was leading, but this morning Minnis is ahead by 335 votes.

UPDATE: 11/08/2006 I edited made minor changes to my self-important thoughts above.

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