Wednesday, January 24, 2007

shockingly hilarious (& offensive?) ""ex-gay"" music video (updated)

The Bible Says

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Reformed homosexual Donnie Davies is spreading the word with his band, Evening Service, and his ministry, Love God's Way. Davies has also developed a program for those struggling with same-sex attractions: CHOPS: CHANGING HOMOSEXUALS into ORDINARY PEOPLE. Also, his ministry offers a help list of gay bands like Frank Sinatra so parents can keep track of what their kids are listening to.

I'm pretty sure this is a parody of some sort. It should be interesting to find out who is really behind it.

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01/25/2007 UPDATE: "Donnie Davies" seems to be succeeding in getting attention (Andrew Sullivan) and provoking controversy over whether his parody is funny and/or offensive. Dan Savage has an interesting thought about this parody:

. . .
Donnie Davies is a kidder and an asshole.

Are you with me? It’s a hoax but Davies—or the man playing him—mean every last word. Davies is trying to be funny—heaven’s “back door,” thanking Andrew Sullivan for “getting behind [him],” kneeling next to the guy at the control board—but he means it when sings “God hates a fag.” He may not be ex-gay (those desperate dudes don’t have a sense of humor about their predicament), but a straight religious bigot with a sense of humor. We’re watching this video—all of us secular urban hipsters—because it’s hilarious. Which means that Donnie, through the use of humor, is reaching people that he might not otherwise. And his message is this: Laugh your asses off, sinners, but the bible says a man should not lay with a man.
. . .

Although Davies may be an asshole, I'm not sure a self-parody is very effective.

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