Wednesday, April 25, 2007

follow-up: Exodus prez no fan of Sawyer (update)

So far, Exodus has not directly responded to the ex-exgay segment on Monday's GMA. They seemed to have backdated a press release that omits any reference to the main ex-exgay focus of the segment. Now, Exodus President Alan Chambers has posted a comment on his personal blog about the segment's presenter:

Chambers On Sawyer

Seems like a really weak way of responding to a controversial story.

04/26/2007 UPDATE: Alan Chambers responded to my allegation that his catty comment was in response to Monday's GMA. He admits that he heard that Sawyer "gushed over the story of Christine Bakke", but denies his comment related to Monday's show or that he even saw it.

Isn't it odd that his ministry would promote a show he hadn't seen? At least he is sticking to his story.

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