Friday, April 27, 2007

Savage Love: Of Ex-Straights and Ex-Gays

This week's Savage Love column is about an straight man dealing with his ex-straight lesbian wife. Interestly, the article mentioned a resource I've never heard of before, Straight Spouse Network (SSN).

Savage also included a excerpt of an interview with ex-gay and former lesbian magazine publisher Charlene Cothran. It's a thorough and bizarre interview. Cothran speaks in the typical fundamentalist Christianese and admits that she still has mainly same-sex attractions.

She also implies that Venus Landin, the late founder and namesake of the African American lesbian magazine Cothran now publishes, Venus, would (or should) approve of the magazine's ex-gay transformation. Cothran believes the magazine's founder became a Christian during the last moments of her life (she was apparently shot by a lover) or is eternally suffering in hell and would want readers to know how to be saved.

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