Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hot Fuzz: A


Scott, ma, and I saw Hot Fuzz ( this evening. It's the movie written, directed, and starring the same people from the great 2004 movie, Shaun of the Dead (

Hot Fuzz was a good, funny, hilariously gory movie. It took a little while to set-up the scene and characters, but it was a well-paced movie that didn't linger too long.

I'm sure Simon Pegg (star/writer) and Edgar Wright (director/writer) felt pressure to make a movie as good or better than Shaun. That's a very daunting task because the 2004 movie was so good. Fuzz comes close to being as funny, but Shaun felt a little more unique.

Although Hot Fuzz's style of comedy is different, in many ways it was the funny cop movie I had hoped Reno 911!: Miami could have been.


grace said...

I'm somewhat interested in seeing this now...i love some of the snippets i've seen from that Reno 911 show, particularly the one where the officer fires off the gun to calm the kids in the school assembly then continues on in a sticky sweet voice with her program. But...what does hilariously gory mean?? Is it like so "over the top" that you don't feel scared by it? I only ask because i can't watch gory movies at all..they give me nightmares.

Thanks for the great reviews you provide!

Norm! said...

Well, to be honest, Hot Fuzz is very graphically gory (lots of blood spatters, decapitations, painful injuries) and it looks realistic. However, the scenarios are so over-the-top and obviously staged that they're unbelieveable. There were some shocking scenes that I cringed at, but the violence was intended to be so absurd that I ended up laughing. So, depending on how sensitive you are, Fuzz may not be right movie to see.

Librocrat said...

I'm a little weirded out, because today I saw "Hot Fuzz" and yesterday I saw "The Departed" for the first time. Both were great, but I think soon I need to see something with a little less gore. Neither of them were over the top, but realistic violence gets old fast.

Norm! said...

Hi Libocrat,

That's so funny that we saw the same two movies this week. It probably has to do with their DVD release dates.

The next movie on my list is Grindhouse, but I've been putting it off until I'm in the right mood. I expect it to be really gory too, but you're right. Graphic violence gets old really fast and it does bother me if I see it too much.