Saturday, May 19, 2007

28 Weeks Later: C


Scott, Sheena, and I saw 28 Weeks Later ( last night. While the movie was a little more gory, it wasn't as thrilling or shocking as its 2002 predecessor, 28 Days Later ( One of the weak parts of the movie was that it centered on two stupid kids I didn't care about. Unlike the first film in which I actually liked the main characters (and even preferred its happy Hollywood ending), I was rooting for kids' demise a little in this sequel. And Robert Carlyle's super-zombie was unnecessary.

I also missed Danny Boyle's highly-stylized filmmaking like 28 Days. I really liked his cute 2004 movie Millions ( He was an Executive Producer in this film and apparently directed some of the second unit filming, but it didn't feel like one of his movies.

I liked the music and assumed it was a variation of a Muse (Wiki) song. Sheena mentioned that Boyle appears to really like Muse too since their music was featured Millions and their "Shrinking Universe" was used in the 28 Weeks trailer. However, says no Muse music was actually used in the film.

Overall, it wasn't a bad film -- it just seemed like merely an extension of the original film. Like any good sequel film, it did allude to what the next potential sequel will be about. However, what I would like is to see what happened to the characters in the original film.

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