Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pink Martini from 'the nose bleeds'

Pink Martini, Hey Eugene!Pink Martini concert

Last night, Scott, Tammy, David, and I attended the album release concert for Pink Martini's third album, Hey Eugene!. I was a little last-minute in buying the cheap tickets so we ended up at the top row at the top of the balcony of The Schnitz. Even so, the view from 'the nose bleeds' wasn't that bad and we still enjoyed the concert which featured the David York Ensemble and March Fourth Marching Band. Scott liked the David York Ensemble (although their performance was ruined by a loud baby -- WHO BRINGS THEIR BABY TO A CONCERT!?), so we may go to their next concert. March Fourth was crazy and entertaining as always.

Sadly, Thomas Lauderdale mentioned that the Jefferson High School choir that was featured one of Martini's previous albums no longer exists. He urged his hometown to support Portland Public Schools and its music program which, of course, solicited applause.

I like the title track from the album, so I'll probably make my one yearly album purchase.

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