Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eagle Creek Trail

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LoowitFalls.jpg ScottAtEagleCreek2.jpg

Yesterday, Scott and I finally went on the hike that Sheena had originally planned for us. Somehow I managed to miss hiking the most hiked trail in the Columbia River Gorge, Eagle Creek Trail. I thought the trail would just be a few more small gorge falls, but the entire canyon was amazing.

At several points the trail narrows to just a few feet wide with a deadly drop-off. There's no railing or even caution sign. The only hint of caution is a cable handrail on the rock wall side of the trail.

We didn't make the six mile trek to the Tunnel Falls, but I'm glad we did make it 3.2 miles to Loowit Falls and High Bridge. Loowit Falls looks perfect. It falls into a nearly perfectly round bowl. Nearby, High Bridge crosses the narrow canyon 150 feet above the creek.

The 6.4 round trip was grueling and the walk across the park's parking lot was probably the toughest part. We did the hike unprepared without water or energy food (unless you count the Wendy's lunch before the hike). Next time, we'll plan and prepare better to make it to Tunnel Falls.

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