Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more proof 'Man vs. Wild' is bogus

I admit that I'm a little jealous that Scott is obsessed with Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild. I'm personally annoyed that Bear always finds an excuse to strip naked even in cold climates.

Now it appears the whole premise of the show is bogus. Grylls allegedly stayed in hotels while supposedly "surviving" and used professionally-made rafts. The latest allegation is that his show used coals and smoke generators to fake molten magma and sulfar dioxide fumes.

Here's an interesting video that identifies one of the show's not-so-remote filming locations:

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Aaryn said...

did you ever think that in the particular route he travelled to get back to civilisation he didn't come across such an obstacle? Since these particular hazzards are possible to come across in that environment it seems fair that he should endevour to give an explanation of what to do in that particular situation. Have you ever been there before? I think not! Your probably fat and couldn't survive one day without todays modern comforts! I have been there, although in not that exact spot but i can assure you that every bit of knowledge would be pivotal in trying to survive in that environment. My advice, blog about new tasting potato chips because you probably eating them right now!!!