Sunday, August 12, 2007

Providence Bridge Pedal

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Scott, Sheena, and I joined Mark from GCN for the Providence Bridge Pedal this morning. It's a great community event. It's the only opportunity bicyclists have to bike over all ten Portland bridges over the Willamette -- including the freeway bridges.

I've done the 36-mile, 10-bridge ride a few times previously and looked forward to introducing Scott and Sheena to the event. We signed-up for the 10-bridge ride, but fortunately were too late to start the ride. The 14-mile, 6-bridge ride was plenty for me this year. I'm already prodding Scott to prepare for the full 10-bridge ride next year.

Mark from GCN.
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View of Portland from the top deck of the Marquam (I-5) Bridge.
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Fire boat greets bicyclists.
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Awful 20,000-bicyclist bottleneck before the Rosse Island Bridge.
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