Tuesday, September 11, 2007

gay rights = "Oregon's 9/11"?!?

Today is the day that we all think back on the awful Tuesday six years ago. While it's hard not to ponder the politics since then, it would seem sacrilegious to use this memorial day for political gain.

Unless you oppose gay rights. The Portland Mercury blog reports that the religious conservative group that is attempting to repeal the state's gay rights laws sent a mass e-mail solicitation today describing gay rights as "Oregon's 9/11":

Defaming To Destroy: Oregon’s Own 9-11
September 11, 2007

Oregon faces a less obvious September Day of Infamy, an attack from within our borders by those who seek to change Oregonians view of marriage and morality, no matter what we say or how we VOTE, and whether we like it or not. . .

. . .
Arise! Sign the Petitions!

Unless Oregonians, arise and SIGN THESE TWO PETITIONS BEFORE SEPTEMBER 24TH, AS ONE MAN, we will collapse from within morally, and our children will be victimized by our apathy, indifference, and inaction. We will not have loved our neighbor as we should.

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