Tuesday, September 18, 2007

motherboard fried

A few months ago, I noticed the HP Pavillion Notebook I was using would only charge if the power jack cord was oriented in a certain position. At first, I assumed it was a bad A/C adapter, so I went to Frys and bought a new one (~$25). However, that didn't solve the problem. Since the notebook was a few months past its one-year manufacturer's warranty, I took it to a local computer shop which changed the power jack (~$175).

Last week, the notebook would not turn on at all. I assumed it was another bad power jack issue and took it back to the same computer shop and spent another $175 to diagnosis the problem. The shop discovered that the motherboard would not turn on at all and blamed the A/C power adapter. Although I'm pretty sure I matched the correct A/C power adapter, it was not an HP brand and I may have not understood a specification.

Now I need to get a new notebook, so I probably will not be blogging for a while. The notebook I had was not very expensive ($500?), and it sucks that I've spent nearly half the cost on diagnosis and repair of the old one.

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