Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Behind The Scenes At Mythbusters

IMG_8488, originally uploaded by jdong.

Scott and I saw Mythbusters' Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage at the Schnitz the weekend before last. I didn't notice until after I bought the tickets the disclaimer: "'Behind The Scenes At Mythbusters' does not include experiments or explosions.". Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows so I probably would have bought tickets regardless, but a small 'splosion would have been nice too.

Adam Savage is definitely the showman and pretty much led the show. They did show a few clips and some unaired experiments. The highlight was an unaired high speed footage of Savage lighting his fart.

The talk was in the middle of a Sunday afternoon so there were a lot of kids (and child-like adults). The talk was interesting, but sitting in a stuffy, sold-out concert hall with a bunch of (sticky) kids got old quickly. (Well, I have no evidence of the stickiness, but I'm sure some were.)

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