Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NBA and others advertising on anti-gay website???

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Just a week after the NBA's David Stern and several pro athletes, coaches, and owners expressed support of John Amaechi's coming out, I was surprised to see an NBA web ad running next to an anti-gay web ad for "It's Not Gay". I refreshed my browser and saw several mainstream companies advertising on the anti-gay American Family Association's "news" website Honestly, I have no idea how web ads are chosen to run and I suppose there could be cookies on OneNewsNow that customize web ads for my computer. Even so, it's a little disturbing to think some companies are diving into social, religion, political issues by supporting a website that regularly features anti-gay "news", commentary, and products.

I hope and assume that these companies' use an ad buyer that didn't realize the that OnesNewsNow is part of AFA. Here are some screenshots took:




What's really interesting are some of the other ads running such as for It's Not Gay and Islam Rising.

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