Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reno: 911!: Miami: C (update)


Although I've never seen a full Police Academy movie or like a lot of comedy movies, I had to see Reno: 911!: Miami ( I've been a big fan of the Comedy Central TV show. So, my sister and I dragged Scott and ma to this movie today.

Like the TV show, some of the comedy works and some falls flat. It played more like a long episode of the series. Overall, I liked the movie, but it would have been better as a long episode.

02/27/2007 UPDATE: Here are some clips from Current TV in which the cast is in character. Some people, like me, find this funny, while others don't see it as being very humerous. Either way, it seems obvious that it would be difficult to expand this humor into a movie.:

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Jason Ruby said...

It was too much of a good thing. We gave it a B- over at DPP.