Monday, February 12, 2007

TDS solves the Haggard instant gay cure mystery

Ted (Former-Colorado-mega-church-pastor-and-anti-gay-activist-who-confessed-to-hiring-a-gay-prostitute-and-buying-drugs) Haggard's recent claim of instantly going from gay to "complete heterosexual" in three weeks has been just as unbelievable as his claim that he never had sex with the male prostitute he hired or used the illegal drugs he bought. Well, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has finally solved how Haggard was cured.

(Comedy Central video expires 03/06/2007.)

Jon Stewart: A lot of people would say, 'Well, how did they do it? How did they turn this clearly gay man into a heterosexual?' Well it's really very simple. You know when you were a kid and your father caught you smoking?

[audience laughter]

And then he decided to make you smoke a carton?

[audience laughter]

Uh, Ted's been a busy boy. Mmmmm. . . . And he kept saying, 'Just one more.'

(Hat Tip: I heard The Daily Show excerpt on NPR's Weekend America which was referenced by Ex-gay Watch.)

(02/12/2007 PM: minor editing/revision.)

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