Tuesday, July 10, 2007

1-18-08 mysterious trailer

Okay I bite and have become a little obsessed with a clever marketing gimmick. A nameless trailer was played before Transformers and has since stirred quite a few online discussions. The 1-18-08 movie is produced by J.J. Abrams's Bad Robot which also produces Lost and the new Star Trek movie.

A Hollywood Reporter article confirms that a relatively small $30M movie code name "Cloverfield" is in production, but it's very secretive. The script was not even released to potential cast members. Last week, Slashfilm.com reported that principal photography has not begun and it's unlikely that a big, special effects movie could be completed in six months. Of course, no one knows what 1-18-08 really refers to. It could be a release date, a date referenced in the movie, or another stunt. Isn't January an odd time to release a monster movie?

There appears to be an official website, www.1-18-08.com, but it only shows two moveable photos that appear to have characters from the trailer (and a really creepy face in one corner). Apparently, Abrams told AintItCool.com that there are more websites that have yet to be discovered. Interestingly, Abrams said that two other mysterious websites, www.ethanhaaswasright.com and ethanhaaswaswrong.blogspot.com, are not related to Cloverfield.

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