Sunday, July 15, 2007

Waitress: grade C

"Waitress" movie poster

Scott, ma, and I saw Waitress ( today. Keri Russell was cute as a pie-making waitress with too little confidence to change her life. Her character Jenna is married to a needy, controlling, psycho husband played by Jeremy Sisto who similarly played crazy, incestuous Billy on Six Feet Under.

I thought the movie was only okay. The stereotypical small town waitress with no self-esteem working at the stereotypical small town diner who befriends the stereotypical good natured waitress coworkers was predictable and didn't cover any new territory. Worse, the movie confirms the Lifetime/chick-flick stereotype in which all the men in her life are patronizing jerks. It's really not a bad film, but I don't understand the attention and acclamation it's received.

Although I have to admit the highlight of the film is seeing the pies being made. Mmmmm. . . pie. . . "

Another highlight was seeing Nathan Fillion from Serenity/Firefly.

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