Friday, July 6, 2007

controversial "Love Won Out" billboard arrives

Willamette Week's gay columnist, Bryon Beck, posted photos of Exodus's billboard promoting their Love Won Out ex-gay conference in August. It appears to be the same controversial billboard ad campaign Exodus use in other cities.

Interestingly, the ad makes no mention that the notorious Focus On The Family is really behind the conference. FOTF is definitely not a selling point for gays or progressive Portlanders.

Beck makes good point that it is near a high school, but I think it is in a relatively obscure location. I live nearby and don't have travel that street. I suppose with the rare billboard space downtown, it was the closest they could get near the gay bars.

During the last Love Won Out conference, Basic Rights Oregon helped organize a counter-conference for gay-affirming church. I have mixed-feelings about counter-conferences. On one hand, I think Beyond Exgay Survivors Conference pulled-off a great event that got out the ex-exgay story. On the other hand, I know ex-gay promoters believe any publicity is good publicity, so a counter-conference may bring attention to what would otherwise be an fringe religious event.

UPDATE: The Merc's Scott Moore also posted a blog entry about Love Won Out. Oddly, when he called to ask about the conference, the operator wanted to sign him up for the Focus On The Family newsletter -- what does that have to do with "helping" gays?

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