Monday, December 24, 2007

I Am Legend: B

I Am Legend

Last night, Scott and I joined Jay and Jay's brother to watch the new Will Smith movie I Am Legend ( Like the 28 Days series and Children of Men, Legend creates an impressive prediction of near-present day post apocalyptic setting. The Fresh Prince did a great job carrying most of the movie solo. Fortunately, he was able to talk to his dog and he had flashbacks. The flashback scenes were a little frustrating in that they didn't really explain much beyond the obvious.

The movie's last act is unexpected and, openly admittedly by the movie to be unlikely. The movie's ending pretty much resolves everything, but leaves some parts of the calamity's origins unexplained. I suspect there is more stories to the flashbacks that may have been saved for the DVD version.

Overall, it's a good movie, but a little long. It's only 141 minutes, but I became a little restless toward the end. Probably some of the slow, atmosphere-setting scenes in the first half could have been shortened.

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grace said...

Basically, I love Will like I'll like this one!
Thanks for another great review!