Tuesday, December 18, 2007

white elephant 2007

Angela Lansbury's Positive Moves

Last night, Scott and I attended K&K's annual white elephant Christmas party. While we panicked to find suitable odd gifts, we did enjoy the party once we were there. Some of the white elephant highlights included: peeing boy brandy dispenser, 1 yard yule log "manufactured" in Tennessee, personal rape alarm, snowman lamp, and a snowman doll that now graces our lobby.

After we traded gifts, Kevin got out one of last year's white elephant presents: Angela Lansbury's 1988 exercise video Positive Moves. I'm pretty sure we're going to hell for poking fun at the video. I suppose any exercise video is ridiculous, but seeing some of Ms. Lansbury's exercise moves, personal philosophy (just "cancel it" to counter negative thoughts), napping, and intimate bathtub scenes were just too much. Admittedly though, she probably leads a more active life than I do.

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