Sunday, December 30, 2007

another scary movie day

Scott and I joined his friend, Paula, to spend another day watching scary movies.

halloween rob zombie
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Halloween (2007): D

The first movie was heavy metal musician Rob Zombie's 2007 remake Halloween. I never saw John Carpenter's 1978 original version, so I didn't have much to compare it to. Scott and Paula seemed to enjoy it though. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of the horror genre, but I also thought the long set-up was unnecessary and few, if any, of the characters were sympathetic or believable.

La cosecha
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The Reaping: D

Even if I were a horror movie fan, I don't see how The Reaping would qualify as an enjoyable or fun movie. The worse aspect was the over-the-top stereotypes of rural Louisiana and fundamentalist Christians.

Bug ( Drama )
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Bug: B

Wow, the pleasant surprise of the day was the 2006 movie Bug starring Ashley Judd. Apparently Scott and Paula didn't read the DVD cover closely because we all assumed it would be a horror/sci-fi thriller about, well, bugs. Needless to say, there were not swarms of bugs or giant, radioactive monster insects.

The first act was slow and we began to wonder why the horror movie's set-up was taking so long. We even began to doubt the Roger Ebert review calling the movie "searingly intense". However, we did a little research and realized the movie was based on a play which prepared us the rest of movie being set in a three-room motel room.

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